How to trim your cats nails

Tired of taking your cat to a groomer to get their nails cut? How about the extra damage to that beautiful couch you bought? Doing this takes time and money. If you want to ditch the extra cash and time in trying to cat proof the furniture or going to the groomers every month, this article will teach you how to keep the claws in control!

Here is our helper, Sai. She is my amputee rescue cat who is almost 2 now.

The key to this process is starting to trim their nails while they are young so it is easier for them to get used to a normal routine. If you have an adult cat who you are wanting to start with, please be patient. It can take a little longer for them to be used to the new change.

  • First you want to lay your kitty in a comfortable spot. I prefer to have them facing me so i can verbally tell them they are doing a good job and being a good girl/boy. I lay her in my lap with a blanket and take hold of one of her paws like the pictures shown.
  • Next you want to very lightly grab the paw with two or three fingers. once you grab the paw you should feel one joint, a gap and then another joint closer to the actual claw.
  • Carefully grab the second joint closest to the claw and press down lightly with your top finger on the joint and your bottom finger on the jelly pad bottom of the paw. If you do this correctly the claw should come out from beneath the fur and you should have an exposed claw as you can see in the photo above and below.

Now that you have the claw exposed, We have to talk about where you should be cutting the nail. When this image was taken i had already cut my fur baby’s nails recently so I will not be actually cutting the nail until it grows out a little more. But for the sake of this blog I edited with black and red marks to show how it should be done.

  • The black line is the furthest you should trim your kitties nails. anything past this could cause discomfort.
  • The red line is the danger zone! Do not cut anywhere near this pink area that is circled above. If you cut into this area, the nail will bleed and your kitty will be VERY upset with you.

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As you can see in the picture above, Sai is not happy that I’m pretending to cut her nail.

  • The final step is to position your kitty nail cutting tool. I got mine off of Amazon for around $4! This tool is the best at getting the job done. You don’t need a very fancy one as they all do the same job. Start at the black mark we talked about earlier int he blog, then snip! Just do this same process for all four paws (or three in Sai’s case) and you will have a kitty who will no longer do damage to your bank account, or your couch! (Hopefully)

Thank you for tuning in! Make sure to give your kitties a treat after this so they will know they did a good job. Most importantly have a great day with your fur baby!

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