15 Things Every Cat Owner Needs!

The bond between animal and human is very special. For me adopting both of my kitties was the best decision I made when I was emotionally down and out, so I want to make this blog to share 15 things I couldn’t live without and neither could my cats! I’ll share with you everything from the basic toys we play with all the way down to the litter box. (Warning! The images you are about to see contain cuteness.)

Having a cat that is fulfilled and healthy makes your life way easier. Here are the favorites my cats and I love and use almost everyday!

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My two helpers today are my two babies, Sai (Calico) and Nimbus (Turkish Angora/ Maincoon mix).

  1. Cats need a place they can release stress and do wear and tear on their nails. every cat is different and have preferences wether they want to scratch carpet, rope, cardboard, or your furniture. My cats prefer card board and furniture! so in order to keep them away from the couch I will have 3-4 cardboard scratchers laying around the house and entice them with cat nip or treats that I put on the cardboard.

2. Another thing we love is toys! Any toy will do but my cats love the long colorful toys that look kinda like snakes. We play with these toys for about 3 hours each day. Hopefully this will tire your fur baby out and they will want to sleep for a while afterwards. Key word is “hopefully”.

3. To piggy back off of toys we have another great toy they love. We call this next toy the Super Circuit . Nimbus loves this one especially because its fast pace and he can play with it even when us humans are tired and cant play with him. Inside there is a ball that goes around the circle, and holes in the top just wide enough for little paws to reach in and push the ball. As you can see below Nimbus is trying, but cannot fit his head into the toy.

4. Now that we have toys out of the way, lets get into the essentials! These are things that everyone should have. Next we have our favorite cat litter. This is the only litter I will use. It is septic safe in most states (check yours before purchase). Septic safe is great if you just have a couple little pieces in the litter box, you can just flush it down the toilet! We also love this litter because it almost never sticks to the side of the box no matter how big of a bladder your cat has, trust me on this one because Nimbus has the biggest bladder. He is about 15 pounds and that water he drinks all day has to go somewhere! Its also perfect for multi cat homes, as it is made from %100 natural ground corn kernels and lasts for a while. Below is Sai posing next to the World’s Best Cat Litter!

5. Next item we have is optional, but if you have a cat like Nimbus, his paws sometimes get a little rusty. He loves to lick the jelly pads on his paws and they start to crack and it can be uncomfortable for your fur baby. My favorite product to use is all natural and I love the ingredients in this paw butter. It is safe for cats to lick (which they will if you put it on their paws.) Below we have nimbus applying his favorite Oatmeal Paw Butter.

6. Something I believe every cat owner should do is have a monthly flea prevention. Now this can be expensive, but if your cat loves to lay out on the patio with you and gaze at the bugs and birds, this should be a key part in keeping them healthy! The only flea prevention that works for my babies is Advantage II flea prevention. It is a topical gel you put on the nape of their neck each month and it keeps fleas and ticks at bay. Since doing this for my babies I have not had any issues at all when it comes to the pesky bugs. Its quick to put on and it dries pretty fast. When applying do not let them lick the area you applied it to. if you applied this correctly, they should not be able to reach the medicine, but it is possible. Just keep an eye on them while drying. Also make sure you are getting the correct dosage for their weight class! Nimbus is a large cat over 9 pounds and Sai is a small cat 5-9 pounds.

7. Along with flea medicine you may have some fleas left behind on your cat if your cat had fleas before putting on this application. If this is your case, your best bet is to get a simple flea comb. With this you can comb through the fur of your cat in problem areas and get the stragglers out! The medicine should do all the work, but if your cat is giving signs that the fleas are really bothering them, give them some relief and use the comb to comb some out. Below is the comb I use. (plus some cute cat toes)

8. If you have a large fluffy white cat and are covered in hair all the time… you are not alone. Nimbus’ hair control is probably the HARDEST thing to deal with. His fur is very long and very white. Especially in the summer time he sheds like crazy. The next two products are great for keeping the hairball under control. First we have my favorite brush, The Furminator. No joke, after brushing Nimbus with this, I will have at LEAST 3 handfuls of fur. I know… Although this brush is pretty pricey and I held off on buying for a couple months, I finally caved in because I was tired of drowning in fur. It was the best purchase I made. Not only does it get fur on the surface, but it also catches loose hairs on the undercoat. Cheaper brushes in my experience just cant get this much fur off of my hairball with legs. To me this brush is well worth the money, and it is now my partner in crime against fur.

9. Roll into this next item once you get all the hair off of your fur baby. Now you may notice a lot of the hair from grooming is now all over your shirt, pants, socks, in your mouth, in your eye, and any crevice you can think of… If you are like me and this happens every time you groom your cat, I have the perfect lint roller for you. This is my favorite lint roller because it has a cap you can put on it so it doesn’t stick to everything when you put it in the drawer. Now its not shaped like your everyday lint roller. This roller is very easy to use as you can just glide it across your entire body in seconds and get all of the hairs off. It’s made for cat hair so its also more sticky than a normal roller which is great for those pesky long white hairs.

10. Moving on to food, this is for my cat owners who feed their cat wet food. If you do, and you have a cat like Sai who likes to graze on it and then come back to it through out the day, you know that doing this causes the food to dry out and your cat no longer wants to eat it because its not up to their standard! I had this problem with Sai and she was wasting a lot of her food because the food would be crusty and dry by the time she came back for seconds. The SureFeed automated pet feeder has already paid for itself in the amount of food I was saving. This bowl has sensors on the front and sides of the bowl. Meaning when your kitty walks up to it, it will open for them and close when there has been no activity around the bowl for about 4-5 seconds. This was also perfect for keeping out any stray flies that snuck their way in the house when we open the door or windows in the house. This bowl keeps Sai’s food wet all day while i’m at work. When I come home if there is still some food in the bowl, it is still moist. From there i will clean the bowl and put in fresh food which will stay good through the night as well.

11. After feeding time, normally what follows right after is, you guessed it, nap time! After my cats eat they go straight to their normal sleeping spots. Now if your cats are as spoiled as mine, and you love to just spend frivolous amounts of money on them, then this product is for you! This is the K&H Dream Pod Pet Bed. This bed come in the heated and non-heated version. Of course for my baby Sai who is very small only weighing in at about 6 pounds, she gets cold in our house often and normally we find her hiding in our clothes hamper trying to stay warm. After seeing her do this many times I decided to go with the heated version of this bed. It is purrrfect for her! Every-time I come home I see her cuddled up inside fast asleep. I also specifically chose this bed because it has a hard top. The reason I needed a hard top bed is because Nimbus (our 15 pound cat) loved to jump on top of the soft top beds while Sai was inside… Needless to say I only had to see this 2 times before I decided I needed a hard top bed ASAP so Sai could have some peace. Now that this bed has a permanent place in out home, Sai and I have some peace at mind.

12. With nap time out of the way now the fur babies are probably up and ready to go. Having a cat tower is a great way to make sure your cat can have fun. Cats love to be high up and watch over their prey, I mean their owners! Cats love to watch whats going on and keep an eye on their surroundings. This cat tree is the best bang for your buck! It is a HUGE cat tree that almost reaches my ceilings. Both Sai and Nimbus love to sit at the top and watch over the house. The base of this tree is also very sturdy and can withstand a very large Nimbus running and jumping onto it, or him just catapulting off of the top ledge. As you can see below the cat tree is next to the food bowls. (You can also see how Nimbus is a messy eater)

13. When the cats are all played out and its been a while since they ate, nature takes tis course and its time for them to use the loo. Nimbus loves to push around his litter and kick some out. So this litter box (pictured above and below) is the one that works best. This one is great for larger cats as well, it has a deep bottom and it pretty wide. It also has stairs that catch most of the litter when the cats are done with their business.

14. Sometimes us humans need some alone time, but cats don’t understand the meaning of this. When I want to get ready for bed, i’ll often hear a cute, frustrated meow of Sai outside begging me to let her in, and if I don’t meet her command with open arms, i’ll then hear the not so cute sound of her tearing up the carpet under the door. But have no fear the Draft Stopper is here! No this is not listed as a cat item, but this is my little trick. As you can see in the first picture below, on the right is where Sai decided to tear some strings from the carpet, but once I found her doing this I put in the draft stopper and she has not been able to tear the carpet since. The second image is the result of said cat finding out she can no longer terrorize the carpet and getting angry to the point of trying to chew off the draft stopper! as you can see she can not do too much damage, and when she found out that it would take her a long time to chew the entire draft stopper off, she gave up. Now the only thing we deal with is the agonizingly loud meow she does to make us give into letting her in the room. We let our cats sleep with us in the room with us until they start running across our faces while we sleep as both Sai and Nimbus carry out their high speed chase on each other at 3:30 in the morning, then its time to put the draft stopper in action so we can sleep through the night!

15. Last but certainly not least, is the easiest out of all these things to do for your fur baby, and that is to have a nice big window for them to look out of. Both of my babies LOVE looking outside and watching people walk by, birds, and bugs. Most of the time this is where I will find them if they are being a little too quiet and I think they are getting into something. Having a nice window facing some trees where birds come or even a sidewalk where people occasionally walk by is perfect for them. If you catch them at a time they see something they like you may hear some pretty weird cat noises coming from them, and it is so funny to watch.

Thank you for tuning in again and taking the time to reach the end of this blog! As a bonus for those cat lovers who came all the way to the end, I have a treat! Here are some bloopers from our little kitty photoshoot we had. Most of these bloopers include lots of yums, and Nimbus desperately trying (and failing) to catch Sai! Enjoy, and most importantly, have a wonderful day!

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