7 Non-Toxic Plants Your Cat Can Eat!

As the same with millions of people, I love plants! My cats also share this love with me, every time I bring in a new plant the absolutely have to inspect it! With that in mind, we have to make sure we bring in plants that are safe for your babies if you are going to keep them in the house or in areas they can access them.

In this article I will show you my favorite 7 non-toxic plants that I myself keep around the home for Nimbus, Sai, and I to enjoy.

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  1. Jumping into number one is the easiest plant, Cat Grass! I personally never go out and buy cat grass that is already grown. The reason for this is because you would pay extra for a plant that only takes a few days to grow from a seed! Thats right, cat grass seeds only take about 2-3 days to sprout. The only cat grass seeds I will grow are ones listed as “100% Organic Cat Grass Seed (Non GMO)”. It is not necessary to get these, but if you want a healthy kitty, I would stick with these. The pot Nimbus is using below only took 4 days to grow that much!

2. Next is one of my own favorites, the Parlor Palm! Now unfortunately we have had a very humid summer in Florida this year, so I don’t have my own pictures of my outdoor plants to show you like I normally do because they died, but if you click the links in these paragraphs you can see the stock image of what it looks like if I wasn’t able to find a free picture! Anyways, the Parlor Palm is GREAT if you neglect your plants like I do! (hints why I own many succulents). The Parlor Palm really does thrive off of neglect, and if your cat loves to chew at it, I’m sure it will get all the neglect it needs!

3. In number three, this plant is one that many people may already have, which is the Sunflower Plant. This plant is not only beautiful and a joy to humans, but also to the fur babies! They love to smell the flower and if they chew on it, it is non toxic. The sunflower is yet another beautiful plant to add to your collection! Photo below by Aaron Burden.

4. With Rosemary being the fourth, I myself did not know this was a cat safe plant. For many years I avoided this plant because I thought it was not safe, but to my surprise as I was doing my research to create this blog, I found that they are not toxic to cats! The photo below by Annie Spratt shows how beautiful this plant can be. Not only is this plant used and enjoyed by humans, but it actually is a natural flea repellent for your kitties! This is a great plant to allow your kitty to rub on and chew, but keep in mind this plant can cause an upset tummy if your kitty eats too much. If you see your cat gobbling down the whole stem, take them away and put the plant up out of reach for about a week or two until your cat is ready to try again!

5. Number five is another obvious cat friendly plant, and that is cat nip! Normally we see this ground up and sold in stores. But my babies love the actual plant itself. It is also easier to know what was put on or into the plant if you grow it yourself! So I always try to keep catnip seeds on hand. This is by far my fur babies favorite plant, as it gives them a sedative feeling if they eat it, yet if they smell it or rub on the plant it causes them to go wild! This is done by the cat is purposely bruising the plant so that the chemical Trans-Nepetalactone comes out, which is what cause your cat to go crazy.

6. The Spider plant is a great plant in this list due to its ability to sprout many baby plants. You can easily buy one full grown plant, and once it grows babies you can replant them and have 3 more free plants! Along with my love for them, my cats love them too. The photo below by Abel Y Costa shows how pretty these plants are. This plant is yet another plant I personally thought was not safe for cats but upon my research it is completely safe for your cats.

7. Last but definitely not least is Licorice root! This is the one plant out of this list that has the most health benefits for your kitty. Not only does this plant help cats that have allergies, but if ingested, they can also help older cats that have arthritis! This plant is a natural miracle. It also helps as a natural anti-inflammatory for your cats tummy. Now as tempting as it is to just go out and buy this for your baby, please check with your vet and make sure you get the proper amount for your baby. Its always best to ask them first if it is a good idea for your cat personally.

Now that you have this list, your kitty will thank you! A big thank you from me as well for tuning in again, and have a great day!

All the info in this article was studied and researched by me. Most information in this article was gathered by the official ASPCA Poison Control website. All plants in this article have been found under the non-toxic for cats only. If you feel your cat has ingested something they should not have, or has ate too much of a certain plant, please call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Phone Number: (888) 426-4435 for any animal poison-related emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Although I have done thorough research AxonSaffron assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this site. The information contained in this site is provided on an “as is” basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness…

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