How to Groom Your Long Hair Cat

Just like short hair cats need grooming, long hair cats are going to need a little bit more TLC. Of course they groom themselves but there are somethings that need some extra attention. In this article I will teach you how to groom your fur baby and make them look and feel great!

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Here are the tools I will be using today. Nimbus will also be our helper since he is the one who gets groomed the most due to his abundance of hair. Read the captions under the pictures to find out more about my arsenal.

This brush is listed as a dog brush but it is soft and great at getting dirt out from Nimbus’ head and face area!
My favorite de-matting tool! This is great for the matt that build on Nimbus’ fur
You may have seen this before! The absolute best de-shedding tool.
Also seen before on here, Paw butter!
These are professional cat hair trimming scissors, the best pair I own!
Lastly you will need a paper towel. Nimbus so kindly let me model a piece of towel on his head. I use the ones that break into four pieces so we don’t waste as much!

Now that we have those we can start to pamper your furbaby!

  • I always start by brushing Nimbus, doing this first is best for me because nimbus has so much hair and it is a pretty long process. I use my Furminator first to get most of the excess fur off of his body area as seen below.

So you can see how much fur this bad boy gets off of my cat with just a couple strokes of the brush. Enough to make a little hat! This is also relaxing for nimbus, he loves to lick himself at the same time I’m brushing him. I like to think he is trying to help me out.

  • I get the excess dirt that is sometimes caught on his forehead, or even just to make sure he is well kept in the head area. Below I use my soft brush tool to quickly go over his head and back of his neck a few times.
Nimbus is not enjoying this part
  • Now that you have brushed through the coat of your kitty, you may have gotten to some areas around the armpit area or back of the leg of your cat that the brush could not go through. This is what we call “Matting”. This is common for long hair cats and normally would not cause discomfort. But if left untreated for a long period of time, your kitties fur may need to be cut off to stop the discomfort of built up matting. Below you will see a part of Nimbus’ fur that has matted up.
excuse my nails, they need to be done lol

You can tell that the fur is matted when you feel the fur and it is hard to the touch. If the matted part of the fur is a big chunk and you think it would be easy to just cut it, DO NOT. When your kitties fur builds up in this way, you may not be able to tell how far down the matting started. If you try to cut the area, you may end up cutting your cats skin and cause bleeding. Your kitty will not appreciate this and you may want to seek cover if they give you an evil eye. The best option for me is a de-matting tool. This is a tool made specifically for solving this problem. As you can see below I am slowly combing through the matted portion while holding the fur close to the skin so I do not pull on his skin too hard.

hold the fur at the base so you are not pulling you cats skin.
  • With the fur portion done I like to go ahead and trim the areas that need to be trimmed. Below I show you how I trim the paw area. This is very useful to do if you have hard wood floors and a cat that love to sprint across it every single night while you’re trying to sleep! What you want to do is pay very close attention and do not cut the jelly pads. Most times I will have Nimbus sit in my lap and I will hold his paw back with one finger so he does not move while I’m cutting and just cut across slowly.
  • After I cut the hair down, I go in with my favorite paw butter. This is basically hand lotion for cats. Its great if you see that your cat keeps licking at their paws and they are getting cracked. You can see below that his paws are a little dry and need love. After applying the butter the paws are nice and rejuvenated.
  • Last but most important is cleaning his ears. Nimbus gets a lot of earwax build up in his ears. So I try to clean his ears every couple weeks. I have seen some people use human Q-Tips to clean the cats ear. I personally would not recommend doing that, only because the ear of a cat is sensitive and if you go too far into the ear you could really hurt them. What I will do is take a square of paper towel and wrap it around my finger like below. Fold it in half and put your finger in the middle. then wrap the excess around so that it is thin enough to fit in your cats ear.

Next you just pull the cats ear back and fold it over, this will not hurt your kitty as it is the same feeling if you fold your own ear over! Then put your finger in their ear and go in a slow circular motion. Nimbus gets weirded out by the feeling of this, so as you can see he is making ridiculous faces! At the end of this process you will have nasty kitty earwax all over the towel but at least it will no longer be sitting in their ear! Nimbus hates the smell of his own earwax as you can see in the last picture.

That is all for the routine I do for my own kitty every couple weeks. He is used to it now and loves to just lay there and be given ALL the attention! With all these steps done your furbaby will be squeaky clean and feeling fresh, which is a feeling we all like, right? Don’t forget to like my posts and if you have any questions leave a comment, or hit my contact button! Thank you for tuning in again and have a fabulous day!

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