How To Take A Professional Picture of Your Cat!

Getting you cat to listen to you in general is a feat in itself. But what if I told you I can teach you how to get your cat to be obedient and take pictures! Well I don’t know about the obedient part, its more like how to bribe your cat. ANYWAY! Lets go through my best tips and tricks to get a great picture of your fur baby.

The best ammunition to train your cat is with toys, food, or treats. I like to use my ammo in that order. Because if your cat takes a while to get this down, you may end up giving too many food pieces or treats in an effort to get that instagram worthy photo!

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  • My first tip is to get good lighting. This is the first and most important rule, especially if you have a cat that is all black or part black, as it is almost impossible to get them to show up in a dark picture and all you see are two bulging eyes. The best thing I have to take my cats photos is a big light box. This is by far the easiest way to get full light all around the cat. The lights do not get too hot so your kitty will be fine for an hour, or five if they are like mine and just like to artificially sun bathe.
Here you can see the full light box. There is a hole int the top! Great for photos from above.
  • Next is to get the toys! I have a toy bin in our living room so they can always grab out toys when they want, but I decided to grab extra toys to keep them occupied for this mini photoshoot. In the photo below we have Nimbus’ favorite toy… A piece of string. Yeah… His love for string runs deep. But I like to get creative with his string and tie it to the hole on the top of the light box (you can see the hole in the above photo) . Once I do that, it gives me two hands free to take photos!

You can also try other toys to put in the top hole! Like the one below

Since you now have free hands you can take some good photos while they are playing!

  • If this toy method does not work for your cat (which it did not for my baby Sai) then you can move onto food/ treats to see if that works better. Since my cats do this all the time, they are used to just sitting in the light box and playing around. So I will be using treats in my photos. Sai now has all her eyes on the prize as you can see below! Normally your cat will just be sitting in the box waiting for a treat and this is a great time to get some photos!
  • Doing this can be a lot of fun, but it could also become frustrating if your kitty doesn’t want to work with you. Please be mindful of your kitty and if they are showing signs they don’t want to take a picture, just give yourself and your kitty some peace of mind and try again later! Now that your fur baby is being cute you can get a picture perfect enough to frame! Below are some of my best pictures of both of my babies taken using this very method I shared with you.
Princess Sai ❤
Prince Nimbus ❤

Hopefully this short Blog gave you some good tips and tricks to take some beautiful photos, so you can appreciate your kitty through some good photos and also save money on professional photos! Thank you again for tuning in, have a great day and Give your kitty one extra treat for me!

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