How To Teach Your Cat Tricks

Most humans think that cats are on this earth to be their best friend, but most cats think humans are on this earth to be their servant… This is what you have to keep in mind while you are teaching your cat tricks. When training cats, most of the time they will only do it if they get something out of it (at least mine do). In this blog I will teach you how I was able to teach my cats a whopping TWO tricks so far! Hey its a work in progress at the moment…. But once I get them to learn a new trick I will make another post!

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To start out you want to get their favorite food or treats.

  • Now the key to this process is to not give in unless your kitty actually does the trick you want them to do. You also want to start with a simple trick, like sit! As you can see below both the cats were in the light box. You want to catch your kitty while they are standing up.
  • Once you have them standing, you want to show them the treat. once you show them what you have they will normally walk up to you to try to grab it. At this point you want to say “sit” and just hold the treat above their head. Holding the treat above their head will cause their head to go back and sometimes the cat will just automatically sit down to try and sniff the treat, as you can see below.
Here Sai is sitting to get her treat.
  • When they do finally sit make sure to give them the treat, BUT you also need to talk to your cat. Get really excited and tell them how good they did and give them lots of pets. Doing this will also help them see this behavior as positive and they will understand that it is something that will get them love and treats.
Nimbus also wanted to be a part and show off his skillz.

The next and final trick my kitties have up their sleeve is paw! (well, only nimbus will do it). I believe Sai doesn’t like this trick because she likes to be balanced due to her amputation, and this trick causes her to be uncomfortable, so only Nimbus will be showing us the final trick!

  • I was able to teach him how to do this by first nailing the “sit” trick. Once your kitty knows this trick it will be easier to teach them how to do paw. Tell your kitty to sit with a treat, but don’t give them the treat yet. They may be confused, but the next step is to grab their paw while they are int he sitting position, like below.
  • Next you need to say “paw” as you grab their paw. Just so they understand you can say it more than once. Then once they hear you say paw with their paw in your hand, you can give them the treat! This trick may take a lot longer than sit for you cat to learn as it is actually something they have to do cognitively. Meaning they have to process the word and associate it with the action they are doing. It took Nimbus about 2 months before he actually started doing this trick on his own when we told him to give us paw. Always remember that this process takes a while, especially since they are cats and normally don’t want to be told what to do! So be patient with your baby.

Thats all for now! We are in the process of teaching both of the fur babies new tricks but we have not gotten them to do the tricks on their own at this time, once we do there will be a part two!

Thank you for tuning in as always. Have a great day with your fur baby!

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