Making your cat comfortable in a new environment

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev

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During life we have points in time where we eventually have to move. Wether it be a new apartment, new house, or even a new state! While moving yourself is easy, you have a little furry friend who may be scared to transition.

My kitties are a little used to moving by now since I cant stay in one spot for long and usually move to a new place each year. Below are things I do to help my fur babies stay comfortable during a move.

Photo by Timothy Buck 
  • First you want to prep the new home (If you’re able to). I like to keep the house relatively empty if I can. I place the litter box in a visible area. Nimbus likes to go to the potty when he is scared so its important I leave a box out for him just incase. Also lay some toys out and the essentials (food/water). I know its a little gross, but try to clean any extra hair off of your cat tree and cat bed, but don’t wash it just yet. You want your cat to have as many familiar smells as possible so they don’t get thrown blindly into a new place. Also leave out some scratch boards they can scratch on to get rid of their jitters!
Photo by Gaelle Marcel 
  • Now onto the car ride. To make the ride more easy, get their normal crate and put a towel at the bottom (if they have a favorite blanket or bedding use that!) Use things that have their scent, as well as your own scent on them. This will keep them relaxed during the ride.
Photo by Juan Gomez 
  • Another great thing to keep with your baby on the ride is a few of their favorite toys! Doing this will give them something to do while they are in for the ride. I personally avoid giving cat nip because it makes my kitties hyper, and thats the opposite of what I want while traveling.
Photo by Hector Bermudez
  • Once you arrive at the new environment, place the crate by the front door. Before opening the crate I like to take some of their favorite treats and put them in places around the house. It is optional but if your fur baby gets really shaken up by the car ride and new environment, you can use some Feline anxiety relief. I personally have not tried this, as it has not come int he mail yet, BUT I do love the brand HomeoPet. It is natural and I use the nose relief when Nimbus or Sai catches a cold. This brand has always saved me some vet visits.
Photo by Echo 
  • Now its time to let your mini fur beast loose! Don’t force your kitty out, just open the cage door and let them come out themselves. At first they may just stare and sniff, but just let them know they are doing a good job and give them a treat or toy to try and coax them out. If they still don’t want to come out yet, just leave them be and do some things around the house, they will come out eventually.
Photo by Sarah Boudreau

Now your fur baby should be up and out, and comfortable while doing it! Doing these steps should make you and your fur baby’s experience much better when you move to a new place. Hope this helped out!

Thank you for tuning in and taking time to find ways to make your fur baby more comfortable. As always show your kitty some love, and have a great day!

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