Giving your cat a bath

Now before you think i’m crazy, this is something i’ve done with my cats since they were kittens so they are used to it. If they were adults and never had a bath before, I would not be doing this for them.

So in this article I want to show how I bathe my cats. This is a very difficult and messy process and you should do it if you want to train your kitten or if you have an all white cat like mine. Normally cats don’t like water so if you think you or your fur baby would get hurt in this process, I would not recommend it.

Today’s helper is Nimbus, he was not very happy about being volunteered.

Why I do this for Nimbus is because as we know he is all white and dirt shows up on him very easily. So just to get that extra dirt that builds up from him playing in his cat grass on the patio (and the occasional dirt pile from my garden) I’ll provide a bath when necessary.

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First I like to start a warm bath in my guest bathroom. Since cats have their fur to keep them warm, you want to make sure they stay at a warm body temperature so they do not get a cold, or even hypothermia. I like to fill the tub up to reach his belly because it makes it easier to get the soap and water thoroughly on his body.

After the bath is now full and warm, I try to coax Nimbus into the tub with his favorite treats. He knows whats going on and sometimes he will not go for it, but in this case he was up for it. As you can see below I accidentally dropped the treat in the water, but it was fine because he actually wanted to go in to get it.

Now that I have him in the tub, luckily I started bathing him in his kitten years and he is just sitting in the tub with no problems. Next I like to take my disposable solo cup and get all his fur wet so I can easily apply the soap later.

As you can see from the pictures above, the big fluffy cat has now become a wet cotton ball. Now that his body is fully drenched, I like to get his face. Next I gently grab his face and take my hands to scoop some water and putit on the top of his head and around his neck. Be sure to avoid getting any water in the eyes, as the water is now a little dirty from the body washing.

Next comes the fun part, the soap! Now I will take some soap. I like to use the Dawn dish soap (yes it is cat friendly in small doses.) I will take a little bit of this since I ran out of my Burts bees cat shampoo, and lather it into the fur and neck area. I do not put this near Nimbus’ face as I don’t want any of this soap in his ears or eyes. Since Nimbus is a pretty big cat, I will put a quarter sized drop on him to wash his whole body.

After lathering his body, I like to focus really good on his paws. Getting in between his toes and the back of his legs.

Once his toes are clean, he’s all done! now comes the hardest part of giving your cat a bath. How to handle them coming out of the tub.

Personally I do this in the guest bathroom because the messiest part of giving Nimbus a bath, is getting him out of the bath once he is clean. Nimbus has a habit of having to go to the potty RIGHT AFTER he gets out of the bath. Meaning all the litter is going to stick on him, and ruin the whole point of his bath…

First I will try to get as much water off of Nimbus as I can with a warm dry beach towel before he goes to his box (which is in the bathroom as well).

After I get him out he normally goes straight to the box. So with him doing this I know once he gets out there will be a big mess of litter I will have to clean.

After he comes out of his box I will just dunk his feet back in the water and get any litter off of his feet (I know its gross), then repeat the process of drying him off with the towel. Once he is semi dry (its going to take a while before he is completely dry) what I do is I will wrap him up like a baby in the towel and just rub him with the towel while I hold him.

Nimbus is scared of the blow dryer so I will just air dry him in my arms until he is dry enough to walk around the house and lick himself dry for the rest. He also does this weird thing when I’m holding him to dry, he will lightly put his paw on my face and try to bring me closer to him! I’m never sure if he wants to punish me for bathing him, or give me love for bathing him? The world may never know… With all these steps done your cat should look and feel as good as new! The last step is now to just clean up the mess we both made doing this process and your are all done!

Thanks for tuning in, and may the rest of your days be filled with clean cats and warm furry hugs!

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